Hi! My name is Nancy.  I am a newborn, child and family photographer, living in Thompson, ND.  I have always had a love for photography.  When my children began having their children my passion grew into being able to photograph those special moments.  I love being able to capture those sweet new little faces, along with the innocence of childhood and when I see the love of families, well that makes me happy.  I would honored to be a part of your families memories.

A few fun things about me:

* I am a registered nurse.  I always wanted to be a nurse growing up and still love being able to help people.

* I have always lived in a small town.  I love the peacefulness of it but give me the energy of one of my favorite places, New York City, and I do a happy dance.

* I love my coffee in the morning....afternoon too....well the evening isn't bad either! :)

* I adore my children and grandchildren and most of all my husband who without his love and support I would not be able to be on this journey that I am on today.  I thank God daily for all the blessings he has given me.