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project 52 | savory

the theme this week is savory and this was a tough one.  i even had to look it up to see if there were other definitions.  well, i didn’t know what i would do so i thought that i would stretch it just a little.  a few synonyms for savory include spicy and sweet, and what could be more spicy and sweet than annie.  i just attended the musical annie and was able to see some amazing high school students put on an awesome production.  my niece was one of the orphans and so it makes it even more special when you have family in it.  i was also lucky enough to be able to take some senior pics earlier this fall of molly, who played the part of annie.  she was an amazing annie and i was sad to see it end.  like i said, it is so fun to see the talent of all the cast and crew!

now head over to the wonderful karyn johnson photography to see her savory image!

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