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project 52 | jewel

the theme as 2012 project 52 winds down is jewel.  there is one special jewel in my life, and it is my mom.  she is just a very wonderful special person who always thinks of others before herself.  she was the caregiver for my dad for many years after he suffered a stroke.  she cared for him at home, so he wouldn’t have to go into a nursing home, until he passed away.  we all love her very much and she is a precious jewel in our lives!  this image is from a week ago when she was asked to be an in store model at “the squire shop”, a local clothing store.  she laughed and said she didn’t think she would be doing modeling at 85 years old.  i think she was beautiful!

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  • She looks like she would be a great model! And she sounds like a jewel in many people’s lives.ReplyCancel

  • She’s beautiful and how fun to be a model in the fashion show!ReplyCancel

  • Pretty lady! Her eyes just sparkle with kindness. What a lovely portrait of her!ReplyCancel

  • oh how sweet! we need more amazing souls like your mom :)!ReplyCancel